‘Destroy All Humans! Remake’ teaser features a new “lost mission”

It will be the game’s first new content in 11 years

THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games has released a teaser for Destroy All Humans! Remake, which is a sneak peek at a “lost mission”.

The level was originally cut from the original 2005 game by Pandemic Studios, but has been restored and rebuilt for the upcoming remake. Titled “The Wrong Stuff”, the level is the first new Destroy All Humans! content since the release of Path Of The Furon on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2009.

The mission brings series protagonist Crypto to the mysterious Area 42 base. During the quest, players have to will sneak around and lodiscover what the human are planning, as they reverse engineer an alien spaceship for their own use. Crypto will have to kill and mind control any humans in his way to put an end to the plan.


Check out the trailer below.


Destroy All Humans! is out July 28, and has multiple packages to choose from. Players who pre-order the game through the game’s official website will also receive a free Skin Pack. Two special editions are also be available: DNA Collector’s Edition and the Crypto-137 Edition.

Packaged in the DNA Collector’s edition are six lithographs, a keychain, a stress toy, access to all in-game Crypto skins and a nine-inch statue. The significantly more expensive Crypto-137 edition includes all the bells and whistles of the DNA Collector’s edition, with the addition of a Crypto backpack and a 23-inch Crypto statue.


Destroy All Humans! Remake is set to release on July 28 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. A free demo is also currently available on Steam and GOG, which features the the first mission of the game, plus a bonus challenge mission.

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