‘Deux Ex’ creator Warren Spector is working on a multiplayer immersive sim

“The idea is to empower players to create their own experiences and tell their own stories"

Warren Spector, the creator of classic games such as Deus Ex and System Shock is working on a new immersive sim, this time with multiplayer.

The game is called Argos: Riders on the Storm and, according to Otherside Entertainment’s website, is set in an “alien yet strangely familiar world.”

“As with Warren’s earlier work in the immersive simulation genre, the world will offer players the chance to “pick a playstyle” – to decide for themselves how to interact with a deeply simulated outdoor environment,” reads the description. “But be aware that the choices you make will have consequences, large and small, and directly affect your experience. You will be able to team up with friends to weave a unique story unlike that of any other players.”


The multiplayer element is a new one, not just for immersive sims but for Warren Spector himself. In an interview with IGN, Spector revealed that he was seeking out multiplayer as the next step in the genre.

System Shock 3
System Shock 3. Credit: Otherside Entertainment

“I’m a relentless advocate for immersive sims,” said Spector. “I’ve been thinking for years now: ‘What is the next step in immersive sims?’ I think I’ve figured that out. It’s about time I tried multiplayer.”

Elsewhere in that IGN interview, Spector noted that the multiplayer will be on the smaller-side, and will not support dozens or hundreds of players.

He didn’t have that much more to add about Argos at the time, but did comment on the possibilities the immersive sim genre presents for multiplayer.

“The idea is to empower players to create their own experiences and tell their own stories,” said Spector. “There are a lot of interesting possibilities in the immersive-sim space. We can empower the players in the same way that we did in the single-player space.”


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