Dev diary for ‘Expeditions: Rome’ explains how players will shape history

"Decisions you make right at the start of the story can come back multiple times throughout the adventure"

Following an announcement trailer posted earlier in the year, developers for Expeditions: Rome have sat down to share more on what the historical RPG will bring to the table.

In a trailer shared during THQ Nordic‘s 10th Anniversary Showcase, Logic Artists creative director Jonas Waever and lead producer Sonat Ozturk shared an in-depth look at some of the gameplay and features within Expeditions: Rome. Playing as a “young Roman noble who is forced to flee Rome”, players will rise up the ranks before assuming control as a Legate.

The turn-based combat is presented in hexgrid format, meaning that characters must be correctly positioned to best use the environment to their advantage. While Ozturk stated that the combat side of Expeditions: Rome would give units a “wide range of skills to choose from”, Waever added that design wise, the team wants players to really feel like “a small, elite group of professional Roman soldiers”.


The trailer also shows a top-down battlefield interface that is used to command thousands of troops – represented by their unit icons – in battle against other armies. After battle, injuries will need to be treated and party members can be re-equipped with new items.

Outside of battle, Waever states that Expeditions: Rome is “ultimately a roleplaying game”, and “the most important thing to us is to give you a strong, deep story full of memorable characters – some of which are from real history”.

The story takes characters across Europe over the course of a decade, and the game consists of many “choices and consequences” that will affect the world around players. Waever explains that  “every action you take can have surprisingly large knock-on effects,” while he also warns that “decisions you make right at the start of the story can come back multiple times throughout the adventure”.

Expeditions: Rome is planned to release some time in 2021, and can wishlisted on Steam now.


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