Developer Dontnod Entertainment is opening a new studio in Canada

The new studio will help “envision even more ambitious titles”

Dontnod Entertainment, the developer behind games such as Life Is Strange and Vampyr, has announced that it will be opening up a new studio in Montreal, Canada.

In a press release from the company, and subsequently reported by, CEO Oskar Guilbert said that the new studio plans to match its community’s expectations when it comes to game development.

“Our goal is to create video games as close as possible to our community’s expectations. With this new international team, we will be able to envision even more ambitious titles and keep writing wonderful stories for our players,” Guilbert said in the statement.


The new studio has reportedly already begun hiring, and will begin working on a new project. It is currently unknown if said project will be part of an existing franchise, or new property altogether.

The new studio will be Dontnod’s second, following its headquarters in Paris, France. Dontnod was founded over a decade ago in 2008, and is best known for Life is Strange, an episodic adventure steeped in teenage angst that has since gone on to win multiple awards, and spawn a sequel. Life Is Strange 2 is currently available on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.

Dontnod is currently working on Twin Mirror for the PlayStation 4, and Tell Me Why, which will be an Xbox One and PC exclusive.

In similar news, Riot Games announced a new studio in April, which will be based in Singapore. The studio will open later in the year and will focus primarily on developing upcoming games as well as supporting the company’s existing titles.

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