Developing ‘Overwatch 2’ on Switch may require “some compromises”

Cross-play and release dates were also discussed

The development of Overwatch 2 on Nintendo Switch may come with “some compromises” according to developer Blizzard.

Fans are being told in advance to manage their expectations as Overwatch 2 continues in development for Nintendo Switch. Blizzard says that the process is a “little more challenging than some” and that “some compromises” may be necessary.

During an Overwatch 2 AMA on Reddit, the Blizzard team answered questions about the ongoing development process.


In one response, Technical Director John Lafleur explained that Blizzard is “extending the OW2 engine with more high-end features” due to changes in the hardware since the launch of the original game.

The compromises in question appear to be largely of a graphical nature, with Lafleur’s answer expanding on the fact that “some of the higher-end visual enhancements might not be visible”. He revealed that Blizzard is working primarily on “gameplay-related features”.

It was also revealed during the AMA that Blizzard does not necessarily intend to release Overwatch 2 on Switch at the same time as other consoles, and that cross-play would be one of the last elements to be looked at.

It was recently revealed that Overwatch 2 will see a complete rework of several of the franchise’s heroes, along with major changes to gameplay.


Overwatch heroes like Mei will receive power dampening, making them less overpowered and allowing for ‘fairer’ play. Others, like Bastion, will be “reworked from the ground up”, which Blizzard says will result in “major changes to how the hero plays”.

Also announced was the shift from 6v6 teams to 5v5 teams. Each team in Overwatch 2 will be composed of one Tank, two Support, and two Damage heroes.

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