Devolver Digital is bringing three titles to Netflix Games

‘Poinpy’ from the creator of ‘Downwell’ is available now

It’s been announced during Netflix Geeked Week that Devolver Digital is bringing three titles to Netflix Games, including a new title from the creator of Downwell.

The well-known publisher is bringing a number of titles to the Netflix subscription service soon, and one is available right now.

A version of Reigns: Three Kingdoms, the game that’s essentially Tinder meets medieval monarch control, is coming to the service. Terra Nil, a reverse city builder about ecosystem reconstruction with a global warning message, will also be making its way onto Netflix soon. The demo for Terra Nil can be played on Steam, with its full release date to be announced some time in the future.


Perhaps the biggest reveal though, the developer of Downwell has created Poinpy, a vertical climber that’s available on the service right now. All players need to do is boot up their Netflix app and search “Poinpy”.

Players can also find Poinpy on the app store right here. “Keep going higher and higher because new and more challenging areas await. Earn and unlock abilities that will help you jump into your next run with a better shot at reaching the end,” reads the game’s description.

Poinpy is also more than just a vertical jumping game, as players will need to evade creatures as they ascend and collect items to help them get as high as possible at the same time. Dedicated players are also challenged to “find a not-so-well-hidden area to unlock the tricky puzzle mode” and “complete Poinpy to unlock an endless mode.”

The Netflix Geeked Week show also revealed that by the end of this year, there’s going to be over 50 titles on the subscription service, further marking Netflix’s movement into the mobile gaming space.


It’s been a busy week for gaming news, thanks to Summer Game Fest 2022. To catch up on any announcements you may have missed, check out our Summer of Games 2022 roundup.

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