‘Devotion’ developers Red Candle Games teases new project as “work in progress”

Not what we've come to expect....

Red Candle Games, the developers behind Devotion and Detention, has revealed a clip of a third project on Twitter.

The tweet is captioned “work in progress” and shows a markedly different style from the rest of the company’s games. From the short video, the game looks like a 2-D action game with a pixelated, animated style.


Red Candle Games has confirmed that the game is not a horror title but that the team is looking at expanding its options. In an interview with Gamespot, the developer said: “After developing two horror titles, our team felt like taking a break from horror games and making something different.

“Thus for our next project, we are now experimenting on a different genre. As an indie studio, we are still trying to experiment on different ways of game design to implement immersive and interesting playing experience.”

The Red Candle Games dev also revealed that the team may go back to horror games if the right idea emerges, but for now it is not the focus. Both Detention and Devotion, its previous two games, were 3D horror titles.

This mini announcement comes after the news that Red Candle Games has launched its own digital storefront, selling games in DRM-free format. The team said it would be prioritising “direct and simple purchasing” for its fanbase.

After its initial removal from Steam in 2019 due to a wayward meme that appeared to mock Chinese President Xi Jinping, it was announced for a release on GOG.


On the same day the release was announced, GOG rescinded its offer, claiming it had received “many messages from gamers” and had “decided not to list the game in our store”.