‘Devotion’ returns to digital stores for first time in two years

It's been a rocky ride

Horror game Devotion has returned to digital format for the first time since it was delisted from Steam and GOG two years ago.

Red Candle Games, the team behind Devotion, announced on Twitter that they would be offering the game in DRM-free format – this time from their own e-shop. The team said they would be prioritising “direct and simple purchasing” for their fanbase.


The Red Candle e-shop currently contains Devotion, along with Detention – another of their horror titles. All game bundles are currently discounted. Red Candle Games have confirmed that all future games will be listed on the e-shop, also.

After its initial removal from Steam in 2019, due to a wayward meme that appeared to mock Chinese President Xi Jinping, it was announced for a release on GOG. On the same day the release was announced, GOG rescinded their offer, claiming they had received “many messages from gamers” and had “decided not to list the game in our store.”

The decision proved unpopular with many fans, who continued to wait for a digital release of Devotion. Some called for proof of the “many messages”, and others claimed it was due to GOG wanting to protect their Chinese market.

Red Candle Games then released a statement, saying they would not “stop striving” to get Devotion released. After the announcement today (March 15), fans responded quickly – with many having bought the game immediately. A few technical problems appear to persist, but the team is currently responding on Twitter to concerns as they set up their storefront.


In one reply, a Twitter user going by ‘Dom’ wished the team well, expressing his hope that the team doesn’t “receive many messages from gamers” and has to close down the store.

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