‘Diablo 4’ will include “five distinct regions and hundreds of dungeons”

'Diablo 4' will be "a darker and more grounded interpretation than earlier instalments"

In a blog for Diablo 4, Blizzard has shared that fans can expect “five distinct regions and hundreds of dungeons” in the upcoming game, and detailed how the studio’s art team has designed each area.

In 2022’s first Quarterly Update blog for Diablo 4, game director Joe Shely said that the entry would spotlight insight from the upcoming game’s artists to share with fans “everything that goes into building the world of Sanctuary”.

Within the blog, art director Chris Ryder teased that Diablo 4 will include “five distinct regions and hundreds of dungeons,” and the environments have been created “through a darker and more grounded interpretation than earlier instalments.”


On Diablo 4‘s open-world setting, lead exterior environment artist Matt McDaid shared that “the art and design teams have constructed a contiguous world where you can roam from coast to coast, or high up into the glacial ridges.”

These areas range from the “bleak” Scosglen Coast, to the “isolated and secretive” Orbei Monastery. There’s also the “oppressive, frigid, and harsh” militaristic settlement of Kyovashad, over 150 dungeons across the world, and various underground biomes that are rife with danger.

On the “Forgotten Places” across Diablo 4, associate lighting director Brian Fletcher shared that “we want you to have the impression that the dungeon goes on forever, and you’re only seeing a small part of a large underground labyrinth.”

Fletcher added that “new dungeon features such as seamless floor transitions or traversals are exciting, but my favourite new feature is what we call tile-set transition scenes. These are scenes that allow us to connect two different tile-sets together in the same dungeon.”

“Imagine running through a crypt, only to find a hole in the wall that seamlessly leads you deeper into a vast underground cave network. All while keeping the randomized layouts that change with each dungeon run,” explained Fletcher.


There’s no confirmed release date for Diablo 4 just yet – back in November 2021, Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 were both delayed due to changes in Blizzard’s leadership.

In other news, the Russian developer of Loop Hero has told fans to pirate the game due to ongoing sanctions affecting the studio.