‘Diablo IV’ has a new game director

Joe Shely takes over the upcoming ‘Diablo’ sequel

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Diablo IV now has a new game director – former Diablo III senior designer, Joe Shely.

An official blog post introduces Shely who briefly reflects on his background and history with the Diablo franchise.

“As a design lead who has been working on this dark, shared, open world action role-playing game from the beginning, I’m honored to continue the vision of Diablo IV as its new Game Director,” he said. “I’m humbled to represent the team pouring their hearts into this game.”


Diablo IV’s previous game director, Luis Barriga, was let go from Blizzard back in August following allegations of harassment and abuse tied to the recent lawsuit. Bariga had been at Blizzard since 2006 and was removed from the company alongside level designer Jesse McCree and World of Warcraft designer Jonatan LeCraft.

“Like many of you, our team has been reflecting upon recent events,” explained Shely. “A lot has happened since our last blog and the hard work of practicing the values we aspire to must continue. In parallel with that important work, development of Diablo IV continues too.”

Back in September, Blizzard paid out an $18 million settlement to the US Equal Opportunities commission “to compensate and make amends to eligible claimants”. Additionally, Blizzard’s chief legal officer departed the company last month.

“Over the past few years, we’ve assembled a strong team with incredible passion for Diablo IV,” added Shely. “You, Diablo’s fans, are a critical part of this team. With the help of your valuable feedback, we’ve steadily refined and deepened the game experience. We have ways to go, and while much has changed, our commitment to the game is unwavering.”

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