‘Diablo’ player shot fatally following in game argument

"Why not?" have a pistol by your computer "This is America,’”

A man has been shot fatally by his friend after the pair had an argument while playing Diablo II.

As reported by The Columbian, Joshua G. Spellman (36) is awaiting trial for the second-degree murder of his friend Andrew W. Dickson (34), who he allegedly fatally shot in the torso on December 17, 2021. The two lived on separate buildings on the same plot of land. They had been friends for 26 years.

Communicating via headset Spellman, Dickson and a third friend were playing Diablo II together when an argument broke out. Following a rare loot drop a fourth player, not known to the party, entered the game and picked it up before the party had the chance to.


Dickson “began yelling, name-calling and cursing at him [Spellman]” according to the affidavit, following the incident as the game should have been password protected, not allowing strangers to enter. Spellman claimed the rant went on for “three to five minutes”.

Spellman warned Dickson he needed “to calm down or he was going to get shot” before getting his gun and walking across the grounds to Dickson’s house, firing a warning shot as he went. Spellman admitted he stored the pistol next to his computer after investigators questioned where he retrieved it from.

As Dickson came down to confront Spellman about the threat he “closed the gap” and Spellman then shot him in the torso, according to the affidavit.

Medical assistance was called but Dickson later died from his injuries. Bail has been set for Spellman at $750,000 (£550,000) with the prosecution claiming Spellman required an expensive bail after “a seemingly minor incident resulted in someone being shot and killed.”

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