‘Digital Combat Simulator’ dev asks people not to fake footage of Ukrainian conflict

"We beg you to be sensible and avoid using 'DCS' to create videos of this nature"

Digital Combat Simulator developer Eagle Dynamics has asked people to not use the game to make fake footage of the current conflict in Ukraine.

Last week, footage was shared online of what was claimed to be a Ukrainian jet taking down a Russian jet, but it turned out to be edited gameplay from Digital Combat Simulator.

Now, developer Eagle Dynamics has released a statement on Twitter asking people not to use the game to create fake footage of the war in Ukraine. “With the exceptional technical progress made in hardware and software it is difficult to tell the difference between DCS and realworld footage,” writes the developers. “This is wonderful you and for the industry in general.

“However, in light of the current situation unfolding in Ukraine, it is paramount to avoid generating images that could be misconstrued and potentially put lives in danger. Therefore may we beg you to be sensible and avoid using DCS to create videos of this nature.”

The Digital Combat Simulator developer then proceeds to express how its thoughts are with everyone at this time, and thank its community for “flagging such content and bringing it to the media’s attention.”

The fake footage was originally made by Comrade_Corb, who noted that it was made in Digital Combat Simulator in the title of the video. In turn, the footage was taken out of context, and even the official Defence of Ukraine Twitter account posted about it. However, Twitter is providing context on all uses of the footage to make sure users are aware it is fake footage.

As well as Digital Combat Simulator, footage from Arma 3 has been used to create fake footage. And the official Arma 3 Twitter account has also put out a brief statement saying “Beware that lately quite a few videos from heavily modded Arma games surfaced tagged as videos depicting the current Ukrainian conflict. We are in touch with the media helping to fact-check such videos.”

In other news, DICE has delayed the scoreboard refresh for Battlefield 2042 again.

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