Watch the new trailer for upcoming dinosaur game ‘Instinction’

The clip was revealed during the Future Games Show

Developer Hashbane has released a new trailer for its upcoming dinosaur-themed shooter, Instinction.

The two-minute clip, which features a mix of cinematic scenes and in-game footage, follows different human characters trying to hide from dino predators. It gives players a sneak peek into the forthcoming title’s survival horror-esque gameplay, featuring narrow and dimly lit corridors, as well as what seems to be an open-world outdoors.


Instinction is currently planned for release in 2022, first on PC, before heading to consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as the Xbox Series X|S. Hashbane is also currently considering Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch ports of the game.

According to GamesRadar, the developer’s website had also stated that that Instinction has been under development for over a year, although that information was inaccessible at the time of writing. The “About” section also reportedly noted that the New Zealand-based team is using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine as the engine for the forthcoming game.

Hashbane originally revealed Instinction earlier this February. At the time, the developer had described it as a “spiritual successor” to the 2000s action-adventure series Dino Crisis by Capcom, per The Sixth Axis.

“We wanted what many gamers wanted, a modern take on an age-old cult classic, a dinosaur survival game with modern mechanics and a compelling story,” it had said in a press statement. “After 20 years waiting we had no choice but to make one ourselves, and it had to be amazing so as to pay homage to the original, with full mod support for the community!”

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