Discord community boycotts platform over “disappointing” crypto integration

Users are cancelling their Discord Nitro subscriptions to protest potential NFT and cryptocurrency integration

As Discord seemingly moves to implement cryptocurrency integration, fans have spoken out against the move.

News of Discord implementing cryptocurrency was teased by founder Jason Citron on Twitter yesterday (November 9). In reply to a blog speculating on discussing Discord’s future, Citron posted an image showing what seems to be a test version of the app that shows integration with cryptocurrency wallets and other blockchain features.

Elsewhere, a user in Discord’s Reddit highlighted a recent survey from the company asking “how familiar are you with NFTs?”, suggesting that NFTs will be included in Discord’s move to embrace cryptocurrency.


The Reddit thread – titled “Discord developers: please do not support NFTs” – calls on the platform to abandon the project, labelling it “a feature your userbase universally hates”. The thread has attracted thousands of upvotes, with one user calling NFTs ” a Ponzi scheme” and another calling for Discord Nitro users to “vote with your wallets” and cancel subscriptions.

Meanwhile, the replies to Citron’s tweet are similarly unhappy with the decision. Several people have said that they have already cancelled their Nitro subscriptions over the planned feature.

Several Twitter users have included screenshots of them cancelling Nitro, and have filled out Discord’s automated cancellation survey expressing disapproval of its move to NFTs.

“Disappointing but it seems I don’t have any other choice. I’m not willing to support Discord if this is the direction the company is pursuing,” reads one user who has cancelled their subscription.

While Discord has moved to integrate itself with crypto, not everywhere is taking the same approach. Back in October, Valve banned all NFT and cryptocurrency-based games from Steam.


In other news, Square Enix looks set to move further into the controversial NFT market.

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