Discord testing Slack-like threads feature to declutter channels

Discord is a little threadbare currently

Discord is testing a threads feature that would allow conversations to take place in a sidebar.

Discord servers can be hard to follow when multiple messages are referencing each other all in one channel. To help combat this, Discord has begun internal testing on Threads.

TechRadar got a first look at the system and shared a video of it in use. To begin a thread, users can click an icon attached to a message. This will then open a side panel where a conversation can continue without needed to fill the channel.


These threads will automatically become archived after a certain amount of inactivity, but admins can restore the thread if they wish. In the current test build, the longest period available is one week. Users can even rename threads to identify the topic clearly.

Currently, testing of threads is being done in closed servers with low user numbers and a bot. The feature has no currently planned release date.

This system is working towards a similar goal as replies, which was added in November 2020. Replies allow users to respond to a specific message. This message will be included as part of the new message and allowed for some clarity in crowded channels. The reply also gave the option of alerting the user being replied to.

According to the threads FAQ on Discord’s site, “You can change your notification setting on a thread and set it to all messages/mentions only / no messages”. This would be similar to Discord’s current channel notification features.


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