‘Disney Classic Game Collection’ coming to Nintendo Switch with Jungle Book

Not just the bare necessities

A new ESRB rating has revealed that the Disney Classic Games Collection is returning to the Nintendo Switch – this time, with The Jungle Book, too.

Classic Disney games have appeared on the Nintendo Switch before. In fact, the Disney Classic Games: Aladdin & The Lion King came to the Nintendo handheld back in 2019.

Now, the emulated Disney games are back as the same collection gets a new release. But this time, it includes the side-scrolling classic, The Jungle Book.


According to Twitter user Stealth40k, an ESRB listing has revealed that a new version of the 2019 emulations is coming to Nintendo Switch, with the additional Jungle Book game.

“This is a collection of classic platformers based on the Disney movies Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book,” reads the ESRB listing. “Players run and jump through levels, using swords, fruit, or swipe-and-pounce attacks to strike enemies. Combat is highlighted by sword-slashing sounds and cries of pain; enemies disappear amid puffs of smoke when defeated. Some enemies and bosses shoot projectiles at players’ character.”

Originally released in 1994, The Jungle Book game is based on the 1967 animated movie, and came to a whole range of systems including the SEGA Mega Drive, SNES, Game Boy, Game Gear and NES. It was created by the now-defunct Eurocom and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment.

Assuming this new addition is anything like the 2019 release, Disney Classic Games Collection will include all versions of the game across all platforms – great news for anyone who, like myself, loved the Game Gear version.

The new Disney Classic Games Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch as well as PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.


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