‘Doctor Who’ is coming to ‘Fortnite’ via the battle royale’s Creative Mode

Players can explore multiple creations set in the universe

BBC Studios has announced its new Fortnite project, which will bring Doctor Who to the free-to-play battle royale.

Despite the announcement, this isn’t an official collaboration between BBC Studios and Epic Games. Instead, it’s a project that was built in-game using the Fortnite Creative Mode.

Players will be able to experience a Doctor Who-inspired island by booting up Fortnite and inputting the Island Code: 3610-1396-4646.


“When the mysterious Reality Virus causes the Tardis to appear on the island, players must help repair it by finding the parts to fix the Dynamorphic generators,” BBC Studios said.

“The game starts on the Tardis Landing Site where players will find the Tardis and start their quest to gather the Dynamorphic Generator Crystals from around the hub island in order to repair it. Special rewards and surprises will keep players on their toes along the way.”

Players will be able to take on new missions and explore iconic locations from the Doctor Who universe. From the Tardis landing site, players can head to four locations. First, there’s Kerblam on the moon of Kandoka to experience box fighting, with the Kerblam Man built into the environment.

On the Escape Map, players must escape the QuadZone Rescue Space Craft while stopping the destructive Pting, an alien that is causing chaos by eating the ship’s systems. Players must find all 10 mechanical parts to repair the Life Pod and escape.

Fortnite Doctor Who
Credit: BBC Studios / Epic Games


Then on the Rumble Map, players will choose a team and loadout to fight for either the Time Lords or the Daleks in an all-out battle.

“Developing an island in Fortnite is new territory for Doctor Who and we’re excited to welcome the game’s established players into the Whoniverse,” said Mat Way, global director of gaming & interactive at BBC Studios. “This is a great opportunity to introduce a gaming audience to Doctor Who and also for the existing community to experience a brand-new adventure.”

In other news, Moss: Book 2 gets a March release date.