‘Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality’ launches today

Face daleks, cybermen and weeping angels

A new Doctor Who adventure, Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, has launched today on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

The time-travelling adventure game stars not one but two Doctors – current Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, and previous Doctor, David Tennant returning to their iconic roles.


The new game was previously slated for a September 30 release. Announced this time last year, Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality is finally here. And it looks as though you will be facing off against some of the sci-fi franchise’s most iconic villains.

The launch trailer includes a brief glimpse of the daleks, cybermen and even the weeping angels as The Doctor tasks you with saving the universe. Again. After all, this is essentially a remake of the 2019 VR game, The Edge of Time.

Aside from the new name, plenty of new content is added to this version, expanding upon the previous VR-only release.

“It’s packed with Easter eggs, obviously, for Doctor Who fans, and like lots of nods to previous episodes,” producer Russ Harding told the Radio Times. That’s not all – the game has been optimised to better suit a console controller than a VR motion controller.

“But I suppose the big opportunity, being able to expand out on those worlds, was when we started to look at the narrative,” he added. “That gave us the opportunity to start looking at, exploring, bringing in some more favoured foes and really starting to mix things up a bit.”

The Reality Virus has now brought in the cybermen and David Tennant’s Doctor – both of which were absent from the original game.


“The Reality Virus and time itself gave us the opportunity to maybe introduce a second Doctor. So that was something that was quite fun to get to play with.”

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