‘Doom Eternal’ adds Horde mode in next week’s update

Goodbye Invasion, hello Horde

Id Software is updating Doom Eternal with a new horde mode and an overhaul to the Battlemode.

The information on the release came from a developer live stream in which game director Hugo Martin discussed update 6.66.

Battlemode is getting a rework and will be arriving as Battlemode 2.0. The mode allows one Doom Slayer to take on two player-controlled demons. The fights take place in rounds. Id Software is adding a new arena and streak-based rewards in Doom Eternal’s next update to improve the mode.


Doom Eternal was initially supposed to receive an invasion mode. This would allow players to take control of demons in another player’s single-player campaign. This mode has since been cancelled, and instead, Id announced that a horde mode would be replacing it.

DOOM Eternal
DOOM Eternal. Credit: id Software

When the change of direction was announced, executive producer Marty Stratton released a statement on Twitter. “The unforeseen consequences of the pandemic and remote working impacted the progress of development for this addition. Over this time, we have also seen and heard how many of you enjoy the range of gameplay and combat available in the expansions and master levels.”

He added, “With these factors in mind, we have decided to redirect our focus from Invasion mode to create a totally new single-player horde mode. We’re confident this horde mode will offer you more of the diversity and challenge you’re looking for in the game.”

The Doom Eternal update is expected to release on October 26. There are currently no details on what the horde mode will be or how it will work.


In other news, Escape From Tarkov is down for maintenance. The downtime is expected to be about three hours. Once servers are back up, players will be able to take on Operational Tasks.

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