‘Doom Eternal’ reportedly earns $450million in nine months

According to a former employee who worked as a “monetization designer”

Bethesda Softworks and id Software’s Doom Eternal has reportedly earned US$450million in the first nine months of its release.

The game’s reported revenue was shared on LinkedIn by a former id Software employee, who served as the game’s “monetization designer”. The profile was taken down, but was captured and shared on ResetEra.

Per the screen grab of the profile, the developer spoke of their resume, and included a bit that reads: “One major focus was Doom Eternal, which generated over $450m in revenue in the first 9 months of release”.


Neither Bethesda nor id Software have responded to the claims. However, the studios did confirm last year – albeit with the absence of exact numbers – that Doom Eternal had enjoyed the biggest launch in franchise history.

In other Doom news, game director Hugo Martin recently revealed during a Twitch stream that he has given “a lot of thought” into introducing a female Doom Slayer, and the impact it would have on the franchise.

“I think if we did it, I’d want it to be lethal. I think it’s interesting how it would impact the glory kills, the kind of weapons that she would have, the fighting style,” Martin said.

He also noted that if a female Slayer were to be introduced, the gameplay would have to be tweaked to best showcase the character’s “different type of aggression”. “I would really strive to allow it to impact the gameplay in a way that was meaningful. I’ve definitely put a lot of thought into that,” said Martin.

Doom Eternal’s second DLC, The Ancient Gods Part II is scheduled to release this year, although a firm release date has not been announced.

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