‘Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One’ DLC launches this October

It will feature brutal combat, new enemies and the return of The Marauders

Doom slayers won’t have to wait long to get back in the action as Doom Eternal’s first DLC, The Ancient Gods Part One, is set to launch this October, Bethesda Softworks has announced.

The add-on is expected to release on October 20 for all available platforms, and continues on from the events of Doom Eternal’s main campaign. Following the death of Khan Maykr, an imbalance of power threatens the world, leading Doomguy on another descent into hell.

Accompanying the announcement is a new trailer that is packed full of the game’s signature fast-paced combat. The brutal, gory nature of Doom Eternal’s visceral gunplay is shown in full force and even showcased against some new enemy types.


One flying demon type enemy is able to release harmful waves of energy towards the player, while another seems to resemble a spirit which can embody enemies. In order to be defeated, it is shown the host must be eliminated and the spirit destroyed with a laser.

The trailer ends with a Goliath of a creature coming face-to-face with Doomguy in a spectacular set-piece, before a final tease that the controversial enemy type, The Marauders, are back with a vengeance.

Check out the blood soaked trailer below:

Owners of the year one pass will be entitled to download The Ancient Gods Part One for free, while everyone else will be able to purchase the content separately. No confirmed price has been announced yet, although players can expect to find more details over the coming weeks on the game’s official site.

Doom Eternal has been announced to be arriving on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X when they launch, with pre-existing players eligible to upgrade for free. More details are said to be arriving over the coming months.


Since its release, the game has been host to many new implementations, such as empowered demons, which are enemies that can spawn from other player’s games who have defeated them in combat. They are stronger than the original form, but offer extra health, ammo and additional XP if beaten.

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