‘Doom Eternal’ will showcase its second DLC next week

New artwork also teases new enemies and perhaps a giant mech battle

Bethesda Softworks and id Software have announced that the upcoming second DLC for Doom Eternal – titled The Ancient Gods Part II – will be showcased next week.

The studios announced the news via Twitter earlier today (March 8). The reveal will come by way of a teaser trailer on March 15. It is currently unclear if a release date for the DLC will be announced alongside the teaser trailer.

The tweet also came with new artwork, which depicts a massive battlefield in which the Doom Slayer goes to war against a legion of enemies. The artwork also reveals a menacing new enemy type that appears to be wielding a variant of the Crucible sword, while the Doom Slayer appears to be holding a Crucible-type sledgehammer.


Check out the artwork below.

Perhaps most interestingly, the artwork also depicts a giant mech suit and giant demon facing off. The mech suit was first seen in the first DLC. It is currently unclear if players will be able to control and play as the mech suit, or if it will just serve as a backdrop during one of the game’s battles.

The artwork and teaser confirmation comes a week after it was reported that Doom Eternal made US$450million in the first nine months of its release. The game’s supposed revenue was shared by id Software’s former monetisation designer for the game in a now-deleted LinkedIn post. The post was captured and shared by ResetEra before it deleted from LinkedIn.

In other Doom Eternal news, game director Hugo Martin recently revealed during a Twitch stream that he has given “a lot of thought” into introducing a female Doom Slayer, and the impact it would have on the franchise. He noted that if a female Slayer were to be introduced, the gameplay would have to be tweaked to best showcase the character’s “different type of aggression”.

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