‘Doom’ meets ‘Super Meat Boy’ in upcoming FPS ‘Warcry: Challenges’

“What if Doomguy had a drunk one night stand with Super Meat Boy?”

New indie video game studio Dream Powered Games has announced its first-ever title, Warcry: Challenges.

The developer has described the upcoming first-person shooter game as the answer to the question: “What if Doomguy had a drunk one night stand with Super Meat Boy?” And the accompanying trailer showcases just that, taking the visual aesthetics of Doom and mixes it with the linear, obstacle-based structure of Super Meat Boy.


Over at the game’s Steam page, Dream Powered Games also noted that Warcry: Challenges will be a “skill-based fast FPS” that will feature “challenging short levels and brutal gunfights”.

“Make use of powers such as slow-motion, stomp, grappling hook or ‘force’ style melee, do 360° and backflips and above all, compete for the first place and improve your skill in over 180 frantic challenges,” it added.

According to GamesRadar, Warcry: Challenges will also feature a global leaderboard where players can take on these challenges in order to prove they’re the most skilled player in the world.

It is currently unknown when Warcry: Challenges will be available – the Steam page only notes that it’s planned for a “2021-TBD” release window – but more information about the game is expected in the coming months.

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