‘Dota 2’ is getting a new summer event

Nemestice is coming to ‘Dota 2’ – a new event for the classic MOBA

Valve has confirmed that Dota 2 is getting an ‘all new’ summer event later this week – the mysteriously-titled, Nemestice.

It was first announced via a blog post about the upcoming TI10: The International – Dota 2 Championships in Sweden.

Forced to move the championship as Sweden refuses to classify The International as an elite sporting event, Valve snuck the news of this new event in at the end.


“We remain committed to hosting The International this year in a way that is both safe for all involved, and properly celebrates the players and fans of Dota 2,” said Valve.

“We will be communicating what we find out as soon as we are able. In the meantime, TI qualifiers will still be happening on the originally scheduled dates starting June 23. And later this week, the all-new summer event Nemestice will arrive.”

At the moment, very little is known about Dota 2’s new in-game event.

The name – ‘Nemestice’ – is hardly a good indicator and while a Twitter post confirmed the launch of the event later this week, it didn’t exactly provide much clarity:

Despite the lack of information, Dota 2 fans are already speculating that the event could be tied to the Spectre Arcana skin – similar to how the Nemesis Assassin event added the new hero, Oracle.


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