Dr Disrespect calls aim assist “a version of hacks” in ‘Warzone’

The streamer shared some (loud) words on aim assist

After dying to a player using aim assist in Warzone, streamer Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm has complained that aim assist is “like a version of hacks”.

As spotted by Dexerto, Beahm was streaming Warzone when he was killed by a player that seemingly used aim assist.

After rewatching the killcam to see how he was killed, Beahm shouted “aim assist wins again” before adding to the ongoing aim assist debate.


“Aim assist, at this point, you might as well call it hacks. It’s like a version of hacks, except they’re not all headshots, but all the bullets do go onto your body.”

Aim assist is a feature that is meant to help controller players aim their guns and is present in many multiplayer shooters like Warzone. The additional support is meant to even the playing field between those using controller and those using a keyboard and mouse, as controllers do not have the same level of input control as a mouse.

Despite being intended as a way to make play fairer, Warzone and several other FPS communities are debating whether the feature actually provides an advantage to controller players. Some think that the automatic target-tracking with aim assist actually performs better than the average KB&M (keyboard and mouse) player, allegedly allowing controller users to perform better with less skill.

On the other hand, controller users argue that KB&M players have far more options available to them in regards to aiming and movement in Warzone, and aim assist merely helps to level the playing field.

Earlier in the week, Beahm labelled Warzone‘s new anti-cheat as a “PR play” from Activision.


In other news, the recent security breach at Twitch has revealed the existence of a “do not ban” list, which protected certain high-profile streamers from the consequences of “doing something dumb”.