Dr Disrespect defends his game studio’s decision to sell early access NFTs

The streamer also revealed that the studio's upcoming game is "codenamed Project Moon"

Dr Disrespect has defended the decision for Midnight Society, a game studio he co-founded, to begin selling NFTs that grant early access to the company’s first game.

In a recent blog post, Midnight Society studio head Robert Bowling announced that it would be selling an “Access Pass” to fans, an NFT that grants buyers a minted avatar and early access to the studio’s upcoming game.

Now, streamer Dr Disrespect – real name Herschel Beahm – has defended the inclusion of NFTs (via Dexerto), claiming that they’re not a “pay to win” feature and adding that “you don’t have to have NFTs to play the game”.


“It doesn’t change your experience of the game once it releases and it will continue to be free-to-play. You can’t buy your way to win,” said Beahm during a Day Zero stream for Midnight Society.

Midnight Society Dr Disrespect
Credit: Midnight Society.

The streamer argued that “this is no quick cash grab” or a “get rich quick scheme”, and instead described it as a way for players to “own the first piece of history” from Midnight Society.

“For those who want to get more involved, there are ways to do so involving NFTs. That’s all we’re saying,” added Beahm.

According to the blog by Bowling, the NFT-based Access Pass will “grant the holders exclusive access to the early builds of the game, private Discord channels, and the ability to not only play but vote on key design decisions that will shape the future development of the game.”

During the stream, Beahm also revealed that the game is currently “codenamed Project Moon“, however it’s unclear whether this is the name it will launch with.


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