Dr Disrespect says ‘Halo Infinite’ should ditch the Strongholds game mode

The streamer suggests Search & Destroy would make for a better 'Halo Infinite' game mode

Streamer Dr Disrespect has said that 343 Industries should get rid of the Strongholds game mode in Halo Infinite, and instead “come up with something creative”.

As reported by Dexerto, Dr Disrespect has shared that he’s not a fan of the Strongholds game mode in Halo Infinite. After a close game of Strongholds, Dr Disrespect said he “can’t stand” the game mode and suggested that 343 Industries “put it on the shelf”.

“We’ve got Capture The Flag, plays nice. Team Slayer is awesome. You’ve got Oddball, at times, it gets a little hectic but it’s a sort of fun contrast of [a] game mode. That game mode that we were just playing? I can’t stand it, man.”


Instead of keeping Strongholds, Dr Disrespect urged 343 Industries to “come up with a simple idea that’s way better” and added that in relation to the ranked game mode roster, “there’s an opportunity to throw a good one in there, it’s just not that”.

For his own ideas on a game mode to include over Strongholds, Dr Disrespect threw out Search & Destroy from Call Of Duty as a potential replacement.

Earlier in the month, Dr Disrespect said that he has “high hopes” for Halo Infinite, saying “I don’t feel like I have any major issues” with the game.

In general, the surprise launch of Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer seems to have gone well for 343 Industries. Within one day of launch it cracked Steam’s top five most-played games, and the full release of Halo Infinite has gone gold ahead of its release on December 8.


In other news, the first patch for Skyrim Anniversary Edition has been released, fixing a black screen crashing bug and addressing several localisation issues. Luckily for modders, Skyrim Script Extender has already been updated to support the latest patch.