Drag Queens are being targetted by swatters on Twitch

Twitch condemns the practice but has failed to act

Drag Queens are calling for an end to swatting on Twitch, as they and many other marginalised groups continue to be targeted.

Speaking to NBC News, drag performer Elix, who boasts almost 60,000 followers on Twitch described the moment she was targeted by swatters.

“I’m shook. I’m gooped. I’m gagged that I — I wasn’t scared. In my head, I’m like, ‘My community is waiting for me,”


The streamer was led out of her house by the sound of a police loudspeaker, a prank caller having seemingly told the Las Vegas police that Elix had “slit her brother’s throat, hid him in the basement and now was going to take her own life.” This was quickly established to be a “prank”, but the consequences could have been dire.

Reflecting on the incident, Elix said: “I’m thinking, ‘I’m a person of colour. I have a distinct name that’s Hispanic. This is going to be a different experience for me,’”.

In response to NBC’s enquiry to comment, a Twitch spokesperson told it: “We are always gathering community feedback to inform this process, as well as expanding educational resources like our Safety Center and Creator Camp programming, to better ensure that Community members have access to vital information that keeps them safe,” the Twitch spokesperson said. “Our work to improve safety is never-ending, and we will have more updates to share before the end of the year.”

Elix is not the first Drag Queen to be targeted. Also speaking to NBC, Drag queen and Twitch streamer Deere, the founder of the Stream Queens, revealed that she is saddened by the “continued threats, harassment and invasions of privacy” of both the Stream Queens and the larger community of marginalized groups on Twitch.

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