‘Dragon Ball Legends’ celebrates second anniversary with five new fighters

The additions come from ‘Dragon Ball GT’ and ‘Dragon Ball Super’

To celebrate its second anniversary, Dragon Ball Legends, a mobile role-playing game set in the Dragon Ball universe, has introduced five new fighters to its roster.

Revealed through a new trailer on YouTube, Bandai Namco has added Omega Shenron and Super Saiyan Goku from Dragon Ball GT, along with Super Saiyan Rage Trunks (Adult), Fused Zamasu and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito from Dragon Ball Super to the popular game.

Check out the trailer below.


A new AR Camera Campaign has also been announced, and will be hosted on the game’s official Facebook page. The launch of the original AR camera effect gives fans a chance to pose alongside one of 20 of their favourite Dragon Ball Legends characters, which will be generated at random. The AR Camera campaign runs from June 4 to 12, alongside 10x Summon events that are taking place from now till June 12.

Dragon Ball Legends is a mobile role-playing card game based on the Dragon Ball anime series. The game, which is available on iOS and Android, utilises a turn-based mechanic system.

In other mobile game news, Square Enix has announced the postponement of its upcoming game, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. The game, which has been delayed till spring, was first announced in January this year. It will feature “exhilarating, high speed battles that depend on reflexes”. The game will be available via the Union X app on iOS and Android when it launches.