‘Dragon Quest Treasures’ progress shared between playable characters

The story and mechanics for the game have been revealed

Square Enix has provided additional details on Dragon Quest Treasures, including story, characters, mechanics and more.

Today (July 18), the publisher shared a new post featuring everything fans need to know about the upcoming Dragon Quest game.

The game follows siblings Erik and Mia, who head to the floating world of Draconia on a journey to recover the seven Dragonstones. They both live on a Viking longship until one day the pair stumble across two Spirit Guides, Porcus and Purrsula. The creatures guide the siblings to a ruin where they discover a pair of Dragon Daggers. This is where the journey begins.


Credit: Square Enix

Players are able to choose to play as either Erik or Mia, but progress is shared between them, so there isn’t a risk of losing anything when they switch.

Draconia features several explorable islands, each with its own unique biomes and monsters. Dragon Quest Treasures allows the players to use their monsters’ skills to search for treasure, as well as aid them in battle.

Treasure hunting uses a feature called the Fortune Finder, which will point players in the direction of the loot. When monsters get “overexcited”, the player can execute the Fortune Finder to trigger their Treasure Visions and will be able to see the location of the buried loot through the monsters’ eyes.

The glowing ground will indicate where the player should dig, but once uncovered, they’ll need to protect their loot from rival gangs. Players can also appraise their treasure back at their base and discover items such as legendary weapons.

Dragon Quest Treasures will launch on Nintendo Switch on December 9.


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