‘Driveclub’ director will reveal his next game this year

But it's not a racing game.

Paul Rustchynsky, the director of Driveclub, has confirmed he’ll announce his next project this year.

As reported by VGC, Rustchynsky confirmed that he is working on an unannounced project as part of Avalanche Studios’ Liverpool development team which was opened in the summer of 2021.

Writing on Twitter, the director said, “In 2021 we (Avalanche Studios Group) opened a new studio in Liverpool, an exciting moment for me having achieved one of my career goals. In 2022 we’ll get to announce the game we’ve been working on for the past year.”


In a follow-up tweet, Rustchynsky also confirmed that the studio is working on a new game. “We’re working on another new IP that’s yet to be announced,” he said. “There are more projects being worked on at Avalanche than most people would expect!”

“To set some expectations, I’m not working on a racing game,” he continued. “So sorry, no DRIVECLUB sequel, MotorStorm successor or ONRUSH offshoot. This is something very different to anything I’ve worked on before.”

Driveclub is a racing game developed by Evolution Studios and was released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in 2014. Former employees of Evolution Studios are also working at Avalanche Liverpool to develop the unannounced title.

Elsewhere, PlayStation has acquired support studio Valkyrie Entertainment, making this the fifth acquisition of 2021. Valkyrie Entertainment is best known for having supported development on popular titles such as Halo Infinite, God of War and its upcoming sequel, Forza Motorsport 7, League of Legends, as well as Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.


In other news, miHoYo has released a new Genshin Impact character demo trailer for the upcoming character, Yun Jin. Yun Jin was announced in November 2021 and will be making her debut in the free-to-play RPG with version 2.4 on January 4.

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