‘Duke Smoochem 3D’ takes aim at Liz Truss and “dystopian” ‘This Morning’ competition

The controversial Spin To Win competition joins Binley Mega Chippy and Keir Starmer killing an alpaca in 'Duke Smoochem 3D'

Dan Douglas has added This Morning‘s “dystopian” energy bill competition to Duke Smoochem 3D, a satirical mod for Duke Nukem 3D that parodies British current events.

As shared on Twitter yesterday (September 5), the latest update from Douglas adds This Morning‘s Spin To Win competition, which offered one player the chance to win £1000 or four months of their energy bills paid.

“Spin to Win your energy bill on This Morning, in Duke Nukem 3D,” said Douglas, revealing a brief clip of Duke Smoochem 3D that shows the Spin To Win wheel turning as This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby take a selfie with Boris Johnson.


This Morning‘s Spin To Win competition has been heavily criticised on social media, with one viewer labelling it as “dystopian” and “tone deaf” to Britain’s current cost of living crisis.

Today (September 6), Douglas has followed up with a reference to Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister. Under graffiti that reads ‘Tory Scum’, a copy of The Mirror‘s ‘Same Old Tories‘ front page has been placed.

Duke Smoochem 3D is a popular mod with Twitter users, as Douglas is quick to update the mod with any bizarre British event that captures the site’s attention. Speaking to NME in June, Douglas said Duke Smoochem 3D‘s tone resembles “the ludicrousness of modern Britain filtered through reading too many deranged social media posts.”

“Someone asked why the game depicts Keir Starmer killing an alpaca, and my only response was “to fully enjoy Duke Smoochem you need to spend 20 hours a day on Twitter,” added Douglas.


Though the mod isn’t available to the public just yet, Douglas is already looking ahead to what it could become in the future. “Eventually I’d like to create a commentary mode, devoid of enemies that the player can just wander around in and discover the origins of all the reference points I’ve thrown in, like some kind of meme museum,” shared Douglas.

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