‘Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance’ gets some vague new changes

Figuring out these changes will need more than a casual INT check

Dungeon & Dragons brawler Dark Alliance received its first big update today.

Developer Tuque Games has released patch v1.16 for Dark Alliance. The patch notes do not convey a great amount of detail but promise “improvements to multiplayer latency, improvements to camera lock-on, improvements to the user interface, and improvements to teleporting attacks made by enemies.”

Also listed in the notes are balance changes and tethering improvements – with tethering being the mechanic that keeps enemies rooted to a certain area when a player runs away from them.


Another improvement reads, “Instances where progression is blocked when a player respawns as a boss dies has been fixed”, relating to a bug that had been reported a handful of times, including in the two-star review of Dark Alliance that Jake Tucker wrote for NME.

The review also confirmed a whole host of other bugs, including instances where “dodging sometimes just simply doesn’t work” and an instance of bosses turning invisible.

Player responses in the comments of the notes are mixed, as players are still requesting re-bindable control keys, and people being frustrated that the balance changes are not detailed.

In other Dungeon & Dragons news, Larian Studios has announced that it will be revealing the upcoming patch notes for Baldur’s Gate III through an “interactive adventure that will explore Baldur’s Gate III‘s new patch content”.

The so-called “Panel From Hell 3” will stream on Twitch on July 8 at 7PM BST.


Here’s everything we know about Baldur’s Gate III early access, which our own review described as “an ambitiously built, well-written tale of adventure framed by lovable companions and stunning fidelity.”

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