‘Dwarf Fortress’ could launch on Steam this year

"The path ahead is now shorter than the path behind"

Bay 12 Games has announced that it could bring Dwarf Fortress to Steam later this year but wants fan feedback on whether it should.

A developer blog posted on Steam details the current state of Dwarf Fortress, which has been working towards a Steam release for some time now. The post lists what the team intends to complete, including a graphical overhaul and support for other game modes.

Bay 12 Games has asked fans for feedback as it decides whether to release the game with some of these features missing or wait and release a complete package all at once. If the game were to release this year, additional features would be included as free updates after release.


“We’ll be pondering this and considering feedback. We’ll eventually get to everything; it’s just a matter of the best order to do things, with a different right answer for different players, frustratingly enough!” The post continues, saying “I’m grateful for how patient people have been in general, especially with everything going on, and thankful for the support we’ve gotten from the community and Kitfox as we try to get this initial release together.”

Last year the developer revealed some of the ease of use features coming to Dwarf Fortress ahead of its Steam release. These included better filtering of containers to see what is inside them easily. Workers can also receive more complex commands, and options include specifying the amount of product to be built, whether or not the order is a priority and if any in-game conditions should trigger the order.

In other news, a mod for Stardew Valley adds viral cat stars Jean and Jorts to the game. The description explains that the cats are “giftable, friendable, and have a plethora of things to say”.