‘Dwarf Fortress’ revamp is coming to Steam in December

The free version of the game will still be supported

The revamped version of Bay 12 Games’s Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam on December 6.

The enormously popular Dwarf Fortress is getting a new lick of paint – with the Steam release including new pixel art, tutorials and new music and sound effects to the previously ASCII art-only game. While the currently-available version of the game can be downloaded for free, this revamped version will cost players £26.

Dwarf Fortress, which tasks players with building and maintaining a fortress filled with Dwarves, aims to be a “whole simulated world,” describing itself as the “deepest, most intricate simulation of a world that’s ever been created. As such, the game has spent an enormously long amount of time in development – since 2003 to be precise, with the game’s Steam page admitting that there is “no end in sight.”


The game has already proven hugely popular among its fans, but is seemingly trying to lower the barrier of entry with a more appealing art style, as well as finally introducing a tutorial to the 16-year-old title.

Purists will be happy to hear, however, that the original version of the game will remain available for free. Additionally, the developer has committed to supporting the free version of the game alongside the paid version.

However, this revamped version won’t include all of Dwarf Fortress’ features at launch. Bay 12 Games is planning to add features such as the Adventure and Arena modes at a later date. Publisher Kitfox Games has provided a release roadmap on their website, with the addition of the Adventure mode and Steam achievements in the “eventually” column, so don’t expect them to be released all that quickly.

According to the release roadmap, the development team is currently “not totally sure whether we’ll have Arena mode or Steam Workshop integration or Classic mode at launch,” but has stressed that they are “very very close and already partially working. So those three things might end up in the launch or they might end up being patched in in the weeks after.”

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