‘Dying Light 2’ could get a photo mode and new game plus

“Those are definitely things that are on the table"

Techland has shared details on some of the Dying Light 2 content currently in development following the game’s launch last month.

During a recent interview with Game Informer, Dying Light 2‘s lead game designer, Tymon Smektała, shared new information on what will be coming to the parkour-focused zombie game in the future. The previous game, Dying Light, was supported with post-launch content for over seven years, and Techland has previously promised at least five years of content for the sequel.

Some of the features that Techland have seen requested by the community include a photo mode, a new game plus, and more difficulty options. Smektała said, “Those are definitely things that are on the table currently and that are being worked on,” adding, “I don’t want to go into too many specifics here… but very soon, people will start seeing those things being added in one form or another into the game.”


While Techland has provided a high-level roadmap for the first year of Dying Light 2 content, the team doesn’t want to become predictable or repetitive. “We don’t want to fall into this repeating pattern where players will kind of know what to expect from us,” Smektała said.

“Having said that, for example, the first story DLC that we have promised, I’ve seen a lot of speculation online about what it will be and I can say confidently that they…weren’t close to the mark.”

However, it appears that the first set of story DLC will not address the game’s endings, but will instead focus on side content alongside the main story.

“At some point, we will actually start adding to the events that happened at the end of the game. We have some ideas. On paper, as they are implemented right now, it seems promising, but definitely, this will be a challenge.”


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