‘Dying Light 2’ new game plus mode being “seriously” considered

"We're seriously thinking about [it]," said Techland

Techland has said it is considering a new game plus mode for the recently released Dying Light 2.

The parkour and zombie survival game was released last month, and now a Twitter response from the game’s official account suggests that a new game plus mode is being thought about by Techland.

In response to a tweet about an upcoming patch for the game, one fan asked Techland to “add new game plus,” to which the developer responded: “NG+ is an option we’re seriously thinking about, but it’s too early to promise anything yet.”


This would mean players who finish the story of Dying Light 2 would be able to jump back into a new campaign with their levels, perks and equipment carrying over into a harder playthrough. That said, the specifics of how new game plus would work in Dying Light 2 have not been detailed.

A potential new game plus wouldn’t be the only new content to come to Dying Light 2, as Techland says it has five years of additional content planned for the game. This will include story-based downloadable content (DLC), events, locations and in-game items.

The first DLC was a free armour set that can be downloaded in three separate parts. Called the Authority Pack, the armour is themed around the Peacekeeper faction from the game.

The NME review of Dying Light 2 scored the game three out of five stars, with Jake Tucker saying that “a marketing campaign promised the world but a production hamstrung by constant delays and shifts in key personnel has delivered a joyless game that lacks the spirit of exploration of its predecessor and strips out a lot of the joy.”


In other news, current rumours suggest that the Perfect Dark reboot could be shown at this year’s E3.

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