‘Dying Light 2’ receives first DLC in the form of Peacekeeper-themed armour

Nothing too fancy but useful

Dying Light 2 will soon get its first piece of downloadable content (DLC) in the form of an armour set.

The Authority Pack is the game’s first piece of DLC and consists of armour and a weapon themed around the game’s Peacekeeper faction. The faction is a lot like something out of Judge Dredd so expect some fairly aggressively themed gear.

There’s no word yet on when the Authority Pack will be released, but Techland has released a video to showcase what to expect.


The YouTube trailer highlights that the pack comes in three parts. Part one consists of a chestpiece, joggers, and sneakers. Part two involves headgear, bracers, and gloves. The final part is a massive weapon – a lumbering hammer that will no doubt cause some hefty damage.

It will be a small update but one that suggests more is coming soon for the game. It seems likely other gear DLC will be forthcoming to include other factions such as the Survivors.

Before Dying Light 2 came out, Techland promised that the game would receive five years worth of support. In a tweet, Techland explained that would include more story DLC, more in-game items (like these), and more events too.

Since the game’s launch, it has received a day one patch with over 1,000 fixes. The PC version also saw an extra improvement when it came to motion and distance blur settings.


In other gaming news, Uncharted is coming to Fortnite shortly in the form of skins and items.

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