‘Dying Light 2’ sold 5million copies in the first month it was on sale

That’s a lot of parkour

Dying Light 2 has sold 5million copies in the first month it was released, after the game launched in February of this year.

That’s according to a tweet from developer Techland on the official Dying Light Twitter account, which states the game sold 5million copies as of February 28. It’s an impressive achievement, given the game was only released on February 4.

“It would be impossible without you, our Survivors… On behalf of the team at Techland, thank you,” said the studio.


Player demand for Dying Light 2 broke the game’s servers upon release, with a peak of 275,000 concurrent players on Steam alone.

However, NME‘s three-star review of the game felt that “a lengthy marketing campaign for Dying Light 2 promised plenty, but it’s shambled into launch feeling a bit underwhelming.”

Dying Light is a series largely about dicking around on rooftops and leathering zombies with a bit of rebar, and yet [the sequel] manages to make both the parkour and combat feel oddly weightless, locking away abilities – such as a power attack with a melee weapon, or the ability to run along walls like in Mirror’s Edge – behind an uninspired skill-tree.”

Techland has been continuously patching the game since launch, with the next patch promising to be one of the biggest ever released for the title.

Dying Light 2. Credit: Techland.


The patch will include multiple fixes for both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, as well as introducing a “New game+”. According to Techland, the new patch will be available on all platforms by the end of April, with patch notes releasing at the same time.

Techland also plans to release the game’s first major expansion in June as part of its five-year roadmap. The studio said it plans to surprise people with content that isn’t too formulaic.

In other news, the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that the Raven Software quality assurance (QA) staff at Activision Blizzard are eligible for a union election.

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