‘Dying Light 2’ will have weapon degradation like the original

Keep your wits sharp, but your axe sharper

Techland has revealed details about Dying Light 2’s weapons, and how degradation will affect them, in a “Dying 2 Know” video.

A new video from Techland details some of the weapons players are likely to find. Producer Szymon Strauss explained that weapons had changed somewhat because of the time frame between Dying Light and Dying Light 2. After 20 years, a lot of everyday items such as wrenches have “wore out”. After these items were used for their intended purpose or repurposed as weapons, they have become scarce as such items like these are rare but powerful.

Players will be able to maintain their arsenal of weapons by using crafting. Dying Light 1 had many possible weapons that could be created, but most of them relied on a base weapon like a machete, knife, or pipe. In Dying Light 2, these base weapons will be crafted. An example of this is the weapon shown in the video and Dying Light 2’s key art, as the protagonist is armed with a sharpened street sign that has been fashioned into an axe.


The constructed weapons built “on the fly” will have less durability than something designed for the job, but these weapons will be rare. As such, Strauss recommends that players carry a modded weapon for special enemies. He also says that there is a strong chance that players could find themselves in situations where they have no weapons and will be forced to rely on other tools to survive. An example of this is finding higher ground and using firecrackers or bait to draw the enemies together. Then players could throw a grenade and enjoy the carnage.

Dying Light 2 was recently delayed to February of 2022. The game was initially intended to be released in December this year.

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