‘Dying Light 2’ will take over 500 hours to complete

Better put on your running shoes

Techland has revealed that Dying Light 2 takes almost as long to complete as walking from Warsaw to Madrid.

A recent tweet from the Dying Light 2 Twitter account shows that the game will take over 500 hours to complete. It also provides a handy comparison: That it will take 534 hours to walk from Warsaw to Madrid.

A quick follow up tweet clarified that Dying Light 2 will only take that long if players are aiming for 100 per cent completion. “Most of the players who are in for story and side quests will be able to complete the game quicker, it will still be a solid experience though!”


Story and side quests are looking to take around 70-80 hours alone.

In the build-up to the February 4 release date, Techland has released several trailers and teasers for Dying Light 2. Players will be able to use the 500 hours of play to level up their character. A recent trailer shared a sneak peek at the skill trees available in the game.

As with Dying Light, Dying Light 2 will feature separate combat and parkour skill trees. The first ability shown is the Block Charge. This combat ability allows the player to sprint at an opponent and tackle them to the ground. In the visual example, the person gets tackled off of a rooftop.

The second ability is Perfect Parry, which rewards players who time their blocks well by staggering opponents. Another ability is Ground Pound. This ability was in Dying Light 1 but appears to have received a rework as it doesn’t appear to require a two-handed weapon to use anymore.


In other news, Elden Ring is now the most wishlisted game on Steam. Dying Light 2 comes in second place, with Hollow Knight: Silksong and God Of War not far behindElden Ring releases on February 24, 2022.

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