‘Dying Light 2”s New Game Plus mode ups the ante

Update 1.3.0 also introduces a number of other features

Dying Light 2 has finally received the update that introduces New Game Plus to the game, which has been shown off in a new trailer.

The highly requested feature arrived in Dying Light 2 yesterday (April 27) as part of update 1.3.0, and with it comes a variety of changes and updates. “After finishing it once, the game can be replayed again, only this time with modified game parameters in place to encourage a second playthrough by the implementation of a unique system and experience,” explains the notes on the game’s Steam page.

One of the big additions is 30 new inhibitors, a form of collectible that can increase your health and stamina, as well as extending your immunity with each upgrade. There are new platinum objectives for parkour challenges too in New Game Plus, as well as an updated distribution of enemies. Techland provided an example saying that Volatiles and Banshee spawn during the night now, and a wider variety of enemy pools in encounters.


A new tier of weapons called ‘legendary’ are also featured in New Game Plus, as well as new gold encounters. And so that things don’t get too easy, enemy difficulty will scale with the player level. As you keep all your gear and stats from your first playthrough.

The Dying Light 2 update also brought some co-op updates. Stability and connection issues have been fixed, in particular with game performance. The remaining death loops in co-op have also been fixed, and a list of quality issues have also been addressed.

There’s some new single player content for Dying Light 2 too, as a new quest called Something Big Has Been Here has been added, which features special elemental Goon variants.

There were also a number of gameplay updates, quest updates, UI, UX, and technical updates too, all of which you can read here.


In other news, there’s new claims that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC some time in 2023.

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