‘Dying Light’ event adds low gravity zombie-slaying

A new bundle adds space-themed weapons

Techland has released a new bundle and event for Dying Light as it prepares to show more of the sequel at Gamescom.

Dying Light was originally released in 2015, but Techland has frequently been releasing new content for the game since then. The most recent of these is a new astronaut bundle with new weapons and an outfit. Alongside this, a new event will reduce gravity across Harran, allowing for some low-g fun.

The event is available now and will allow players to traverse without fear of hitting the ground too hard. All landings will be soft during the event, so there is no need to look before leaping. The zombies are also affected by this gravity change, so hitting them with explosives should provide entertaining results.


If players defeat 100 enemies affected by low gravity, they can earn a V-27 shifter, the machete from the astronaut bundle detailed blow. If the community can work together to kill 15 million enemies affected by low-g, then everyone will be rewarded with three weapon mods. During the event, players will be able to restock on ammunition by visiting safe zones, and quartermasters will be giving out pistols and shotguns to maximise the carnage.

The Dying Light astronaut bungle comes with three crafting recipes, a new outfit, and a new buggy skin. The first blueprint will allow players to create the V-23 Eraser, a laser rifle that can set enemies on fire. Another is the V-40 Suspender, a stasis pistol that will freeze enemies in place, even in mid-air. The final blueprint is the V-27 Shifter that can be earned in the event. This machete will change its effect type after several consecutive hits. This allows indecisive players to use toxic, fire, and shock attacks as they mine through hordes.

The astronaut bundle is available now and costs £2.09.

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