‘Dying Light: Platinum Edition’ is coming to Nintendo Switch

Parkour and fight zombies on the go

Techland has officially announced that the original Dying Light is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Revealed at the end of its Dying 2 Know broadcast yesterday (August 26), Dying Light: Platinum Edition is the 2015 open-world survival horror game in its most complete form, including the full season pass that offers a whole suite of extra DLC beyond its base game that the developer said makes “100 hours of gameplay” for a single playthrough.

The physical version of Dying Light: Platinum Edition, which appears to come completely on the game card, also comes packaged with some extra physical items, including a survival guide and a map, as well as stickers.


No release date had been confirmed, only that the developer would have more news “soon”. A Switch port of Dying Light had however leaked last month, indicating that the game will launch this October and will cost around £43 (€50).

The release will likely be ahead of Dying Light 2, which launches in December, and Techland’s bigger focus at this year’s Gamescom.

Featured in the Xbox Games Showcase, Dying Light 2 has an art style that the developer describes as the “modern dark ages”, where characters clad in aged battle armour and weaponry juxtapose with high modern skyscrapers.

The game’s trademark parkour and combat remains a core part of its gameplay although it will feature both “improved verticality” as well as a “new fighting style”.


Also announced at Gamescom 2021 is DokeV, a “creature-collecting open world action-adventure” that premiered with an infectious K-pop song, as well as a reboot of Saints Row that is releasing in February 2022.

Despite not fitting in the Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase, Lost Judgment also got an extended story trailer, focusing on its darker themes.