EA apologises for calling ‘Need for Speed’ fan a “milkshake brain”

The 'Need for Speed' account also told a disgruntled fan to "cry about it bro"

EA, the publisher behind Need for Speed: Unbound, has apologised for branding a fan “milkshake brain” through the racing game’s official Twitter account.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Need for Speed‘s Twitter page was drawn into an argument with a user who was critical of the game’s early access period.

After the user alleged that “Charging extra to your loyal fan base to play 3 days early isn’t really cool and a bit exploitative,” the Need for Speed account called them a “milkshake brain” and later said to “cry about it bro or buy regular price [I don’t care].”


When the user said that they would be cancelling their preorder of Need for Speed: Unbound due to the “edgy” response, EA’s account replied “I’m not reading all that, sorry that happened to you or congratulations.”

While EA’s full comments have since been deleted, the exchange can be viewed here.

Last night (November 23) EA issued an apology for the comments.

“We admit we got a bit caught up in the hype for launch and some of our recent social media replies crossed the line,” reads the latest tweet. “To those fans we upset, we apologize. We will do better. See you here next week.”

The apology comes just under a week away from the launch of Need For Speed: Unbound, which releases on December 2 for standard editions of the game. Ahead of the release, here’s everything you need to know about the game’s system requirements, preloading dates, and global launch times.


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