EA claims reports of ‘Battlefield 2042’ being abandoned are “untrue”

"There is a significant team at DICE, alongside our other studios, focused on evolving and improving the 'Battlefield 2042' experience for all players"

EA has refuted claims that Battlefield 2042 is being abandoned with only a skeleton crew remaining on the project, stating that it’s “untrue”.

The report comes from Eurogamer, with EA contacting the publication to state, “There is a significant team at DICE, alongside our other studios, focused on evolving and improving the Battlefield 2042 experience for all players.”

The claims came from VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb (reported by VGC), who described the game as being in “abandon ship” mode during his Grubbsnax Giant Bomb show. “It’s down to like the bare bones and those people are specifically just working on the promised additional seasons that the game needs to meet the requirements of the high-end version that it sold,” Grubb described.


Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA.

“The skeleton crew is working to pump that stuff out the fastest and the cheapest it possibly can” added Grubb, who went on to say EA is trying to “move everyone on to the new Battlefield as fast as possible”.

Battlefield 2042 released late last year to a mixed critical reception, becoming the lowest-rated game in the franchise, as well as extreme backlash from fans. The game quickly became one of the worst-reviewed in Steam history, with bugs and stripped-down features being the largest points of criticism. NME awarded the game three out of five stars, stating “beautiful graphics and some incredibly well-done remakes of earlier games can’t stop this Battlefield from being a disappointment.”

Update 1.0 for the game went live on June 7, introducing hundreds of changes, bug fixes, and general improvements to the game.

In other news, the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta is coming to PlayStation first. This was announced during the upcoming shooter’s world reveal, which gave fans a first look at the game in action.