EA Play Live 2020 Recap: new trailers, gameplay and everything you may have missed

Clear your schedule for one of the biggest game showcases ever

It’s that time of the year again: Electronic Arts’ biggest summer gaming showcase is back – but this time as a digital event, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Despite the cancellation of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), EA went ahead with the reveal of upcoming games at its annual Play Live event.

The showcase, live-streamed today (19 June) featured plenty of exclusive previews and news on the company’s popular titles that are heading to the PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

Find out everything you need to know about EA Play Live 2020 below.

What’s the latest news?

  • EA announces five new games at EA Live Play 2020
  • Watch brand new Star Wars Squadrons gameplay
  • EA teases Battlefield and Dragon Age 4, gives an insight into next-gen
  • EA’s The Sims 4 and Titanfall 2 are now on Steam
  • EA to introduce cross-play to new season of Apex Legends

How can I watch EA Play Live 2020?


The EA Play Live 2020 live stream was hosted on EA’s official website, Twitch and YouTube channels. Watch the full event below.

What games were announced at EA Play Live 2020?

At EA Play Live 2020, the publisher announced five brand-new games, alongside a slew of ports, updates and gameplay reveals.

Apex Legends Season 5

Leading the charge at the event was the new season of Apex Legends, which will receive a Lost Treasures event that arrives on June 23. Later in the season, the game will also receive cross-play for the first time, across PC (on both EA’s Origin system, as well as Valve’s Steam when it arrives in the future), Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Star Wars Squadrons

Next up was the first look at gameplay from the much-anticipated Star Wars Squadrons. The trailer gave players a glimpse at the starships they will be able to man, such as the X-Wing and TIE fights, as well as the different modes in the game.



EA also revealed that it would be bringing back its beloved skateboarding series, Skate. The games’ creative director Cuz Parry and game director Deran Chung announced the franchise’s return during the event, but cautioned that they are “really early” in development. No footage of the game was previewed.

FIFA 21 and Madden 21

The event also played host to a new trailer for both FIFA 21 and Madden 21. The former will be released on August 28, while the latter will launch in October.

EA Originals

Three EA Originals were also unveiled during EA Play Live 2020. Rocket Arena, a 3v3 third-person hero shooter.

It Takes Two, a co-op action adventure platformer.

Lost In Random, an adventure game that features a Tim Burton-esque art style.

Other announcements include the release of more EA games on Steam, the additional support of the Nintendo Switch with seven EA games headed to the system over the next 12 months, as well as a showcase of EA games running on next-gen consoles.


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