EA to introduce cross-play to new season of ‘Apex Legends’

A new Lost Treasures event is just a couple of days away

EA has revealed that Season 5 of Apex Legends will add cross-platform play to the multiplayer FPS game.

The new season, titled ‘Fortune’s Favor’, will allow players across PC (on both EA’s Origin system, as well as Valve’s Steam when it arrives in the future), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to play together when cross-play launches in the Fall.

Cross-play was announced during the EA Play Live 2020 event, alongside the reveal of the ‘Fortune’s Favor’ event, Lost Treasures. Watch the trailer below below.


Besides cross-play, ‘Fortune’s Favor’ will also add a new limited-time game mode: Armed And Dangerous Evolved. It is the return of the game’s snipers- and shotguns-only mode, but with several twists.

In the mode, players will only have access to Evo shields – these start out with just one bar, or 25 HP, but you can upgrade them by dealing damage to enemies – and EA will be removing all respawn beacons across the map. However, players can still bring back their teammates with the new mobile respawn beacon item. Every player starts with one and will be able to choose when and where to bring back their teammates.

Players can also expect a new town takeover in Season 5, Crypto’s Map Room, which will be an insight at the playable Legend. Other additions in the upcoming season include exclusive content that can be earned through completing challenges, as well as a slew of cosmetics.

During the EA Play Live event, the company also announced that Apex Legends will be headed to the Nintendo Switch in the coming months. Cross-play will also be available on that system. More information will be revealed soon.


Last month, Respawn Entertainment announced a new studio in Vancouver that would be dedicated solely to Apex Legends. It will be led by a team which includes Steven Ferreira (who was the lead gameplay designer for Sleeping Dogs), head of operations Henry Lee and Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier.

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