EA’s boss has received a £16million pay cut

Andrew Wilson has received a large pay cut following negative feedback from shareholders

EA boss Andrew Wilson has received a hefty pay cut, reducing his annual pay from roughly £32.5million ($39.2million) down to £16.2million ($19.9million).

The report comes from the publication Axios, which spotted the company filing detailing the pay reduction. Despite the cut, Axios states the pay is “still within the stratosphere of executives of multibillion-dollar corporations.”

EA Play Live won’t be happening this Summer
FIFA 22. Credit: EA Sports


This comes on the heels of reports last year that EA would be making substantial changes to executive pay due to negative feedback from shareholders. This was due to a ‘say-on-pay’, in which 170.89m voted against the company’s pay plan as opposed to 59.6m voting in support of it.

Wilson received a 3.2 per cent bonus increase to his base pay, which equates to roughly £1million ($1.3million). EA stated this was due to strong performance, based on the company hitting release schedules, increases in live service engagement, and high employee diversity as well as robust employee satisfaction ratings.

The report filing mentioned that “FIFA 22 was the strongest FIFA ever”. It was also noted that EA “grew Apex Legends into one of the most successful live services in the industry, with monthly active players up more than 35 per cent year-over-year.” Additionally, It Takes Two’s critical success was acknowledged, with the co-op action platformer winning over 90 awards according to the report.

Some of this was “offset” by the disastrous launch of Battlefield 2042, which earned the lowest Metacritic score for any game in the franchise from critics, and was lambasted by fans due to frequent bugs and a lack of content. The game currently has a “Mostly Negative” Steam rating following 106,000 user reviews.

In other news, the creators of a popular Destiny 2 cheat site have agreed to the game’s developer Bungie a staggering £10.7million to end the ongoing lawsuit.