eBay removes all Steam Deck listings to combat scalpers

Resales of reservations have all been removed, for now.

eBay has removed every listing for sale of Steam Deck reservations from its site. Some were listed for over £700.

Valve’s handheld PC system, the Steam Deck, is set to release next year. Preorders went live, which allowed for reservations to be purchased for £4. This guaranteed that purchases could be made when the console was closer to shipping.

These reservations rapidly reached eBay, where listings offered Steam Deck reservations for more than the console’s price. However, these listings have all been scrubbed from the storefront.


eBay spoke to Eurogamer to say that the orders were removed because of a breach of their presale policy. This is because all orders through eBay must be guaranteed to ship within 30 days of purchase. With the console not launching until December 2021 at the earliest, this clearly isn’t possible.

“We understand how frustrating it can be for gamers to see overpriced listings for presale hardware,” said an eBay spokesperson.

Steam Deck Ebay listing screenshot
Steam Deck eBay listings Credit: eBay

“To comply with eBay’s presale policy, listings must clearly indicate that they are ‘presale’ items and must guarantee postage within 30 days of purchase.

“As the Steam Deck is not expected to ship until next year, these listings are in violation of our presale policy, we are working to remove all listings of the product.”

Valve has said that there are no games that the Steam Deck can’t run. Developer Pierre-Loup Griffais says that the team had been testing games from across the Steam catalogue.


“This is the first time we’ve achieved the level of performance that is required to really run the latest generation of games without problems. All the games we wanted to be playable is, really, the entire Steam library. We haven’t really found something we could throw at this device that it couldn’t handle.” he said.